Fire & Smoke Damage

Fires can be devastating to your home or business.  The most important thing to do after a fire damages your home or business and the fire trucks leave is to hire a professional contractor that is well versed in disaster repairs.  Cavalry Construction has specialized in all types of disaster recovery since 1989 and our trained professionals know exactly how to take the necessary steps to get your home or business back to a pre-fire condition in the most efficient manner possible.   We work hand and hand with the insurance company to make this process as easy as possible for you.  Our goal at Cavalry is to alleviate this burden from your life and put that burden on our shoulders.

It is extremely important to act fast after a fire has occurred.  If immediate cleanup is not done properly by a trained professional, it can lead to devastating effects.  Within hours after the fire, appliances, walls, personal items and many other parts of your home or business will begin to stain.  After only a few days, walls can discolor permanently and personal property may begin to rust.  It is imperative that you act quickly after the fire to keep this secondary damage from occurring.  Once the fire department leaves, Cavalry should be the first call you make!

Call in the Cavalry!

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